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Sani nudge


Sani nudge is a healthcare tech company, who asked us to provide the backend system development & user-friendly UI. We took over the development of a cloud-based IoT software solution from another vendor. Using Microsoft Azure cloud solution, we maintain their database and handled data calculations.


  • Categories Sass, B2B, Cloud, Webapp, Integrations, API, Backend, Frontend, UX, UI
  • Technologies Sass, ASP.NET, AZURE, SQL, BLOB, STORAGE, WEBJOBS, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, IoT
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What we did

  • Cloud serverless webapp
  • Best DevOps practises with the introduction of Continous Integration & Continous Deployment
  • Fully managed Azure Resources
  • CMS for easy manageable data & users


Rapid data processing resulted in very smoothly working app, that is pretty self-explanatory and easy to use.

Vimanet is skilled with plans and estimates, so we know we’re spending our money effectively and focusing on the right tasks.

Sani nudge, CTO, Morten Egholm

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