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Fertility Consent


Fertility Consent is an app for Fertility Clinics that engages and educates patients and their partners through their fertility journey. It provides a ready to use a library of materials which explains each fertility treatment stage. It is designed to help patients navigate the medical and legal issues with fertility treatment in a very convenient way.


  • Categories CMS, Back-End, Front-End, Integrations, UX, UI
  • Technologies C#, WebApi, Angular, TypeScript, Azure, SQL Server, CosmosDB
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What we did

  • CMS for clinic employee and employers
  • Patient Dashboard for clear step-by-step journey through the whole treatment
  • Integration with SigningHub for online-completed forms


Fast and easy way to manage fertility treatments - both for employees and patients. The application provides fertility clinics with a portal which has both medical and legal information specific to the treatment. Everything you need is accessible online.

Vimanet stood out from the competition due to their technical credentials, flexibility, and communication skills.

MD Consents, CTO, Tony Marven

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